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Originally Posted by GIN ANTONIC View Post
Thanks HockeyH3aven!

We have a 20.00 coupon for Salvatore's restaurant. The menu looks great but it is a bit pricey even still since we're trying to do this on a budget considering her flight out here was like 500.00. So maybe we'll do that for a lunch. She loves Japanese and Sushi and she was researching that Buffalo had some good spots so Fuji Grille is definitely a place we will try to check out.

She's big into walking, so If Elmwood and Allentown are a little more dense in terms of bars and little shops and stuff that would be nice. Was thinking of maybe going to Tiff Nature Preserve? Maybe a picnic or something like that if the weather is nice.

I've been to Anchor Bar before and found it 'ok' but nothing great. I do love wings and southern food so any suggestions would be great. She's a bit of a health nut so I don't know if she'll go for it but I'm the one driving so she'll have to deal with it.
If you are looking for some trusted voices for culinary guidance, check out:

It's the one thing in the News that I trust.

Another that I don't always agree with but has multiple reviewers so a broader range of tastes are considered is here:

Hertel Ave has a number of good, and often smaller restaurants as well as the Elmwood and Allen areas. "Health nut" and "Buffalo cuisine" are usually not part of the same sentence, but there are plenty of places out there. Lunch-wise, I'm a big fan of the Globe Market on Elmwood. Seabar is good, although I'm often left feeling like I'm missing *just* something. Break'n'eggs on Main in Amherst is a crepery, recently opened that has a number of tasty things -- I can recommend the tenderloin crepe as well as the bacon-chicken-cheddar one. Butterwood in the newly remodeled Hotel Lafayette. Mike A's and the Pan-American Grille are there as well, haven't eaten in Mike A's yet and the Pan-Am is ok. If you can twist her arm a bit, Grover's on Transit (about 15 minutes up the road from where you are staying, or less if you make a few lights) has some dynamite burgers.

I'm not big on nightlife -- 2 kids under 10 will do that. The Albright-Knox has free admission on Friday's and there is a bar -- you can have a few, then walk around and look at the art.

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