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04-12-2013, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by RussellmaniaKW View Post
lol you say that Krejci has "earned a moniker" but one guy on a message board saying it doesn't make it so.

Some people on this board have tried to argue that Lucic makes space for Krejci and not the other way around, but to my eyes Krejci looks dangerous no matter who you put him with...Lucic not so much.
A lot more then one person has referred to and made note of Krejci slowing the play down.

A lot more then one person has pointed out Krejci has a tendency to look like he isn't fully engaged.

And your eyes might tell you Krejci is great with anyone, but the numbers tell a different story. His production has suffered when not with Horton or Lucic for extended periods of time over the past couple of years. Lucic tends to look far better when separated from both Horton and Krejci.

Again, I'm not saying Lucic is completely blameless and definitely needs a kick in the ass but the fact that he's the one taking the brunt of the blame is a joke. Two other players on that line also dragged ass this season for extended stretches. Krejci has what, 1 point in the last 5 games? Hardly exemplary.

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