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Originally Posted by PumpkinBomb View Post
Watching their junior careers i actually have trouble seeing a lot of difference between Stamkos and Yakupov. I actually think Yakupov has a quicker release. Both players have a huge commitment to the game, which is awesome to see from young 1st overalls. (You'd be hard pressed to find 2 players that work harder off the ice than these two.)

For Hall, he can create the most offence out of any player on this list, the only player to ever win 2 memorial cup mpv's. Dare I make a mark messier comparison? Yeah, i went there. How Hall plays the game, i feel like it's impossible for him to have a slump unless he is sick or injured. You can't out skate him and you can't out work him.

Patrick Kane might have the best back hand in the history of the NHL. (in their cup run he scored a backhander (i think in OT or late in the 3rd but my memory is foggy) from just inside the blue line. The puck held velocity the whole way against the best goalie at the time, in luongo. I feel like Chicago is his team this year, not Toews. That's probably sacrilige to say that given Toews is a god around here, but Kane has just been awesome.

RNH has some of the best edge work i've seen. It's actually pretty incredible to watch. He plays like Crosby, but without the tree trunks for legs thus making him less effective down low. (one could argue that then makes him nothing like crosby.) He's got such great vision. I think we all enjoyed him in the world Juniors being involved in 90% of Canada's points after the 1st game of the tourney. (I think he got only around 50% of the possible points in the 1st game, after that if he wasn't on the ice Canada wasn't scoring.)

While I won't rank the players, the point i'm trying to make is, they all have skills that stand out above the rest, and all translate fairly equally to the game. Also, they can all play the game at full speed with the puck.

Stamkos/Yakupov/Tavares - Elite Snipers
RNH - Incredible vision, probably the best edges in the entire league
Hall - creates his own offense, a one man army
Kane - amazing puck handler, off the charts back-hand

While very different players, I think all of them will be within 10 points of each other every year for their careers. Team needs also come into play, if you have some play makers, snipers like Stamkos are very valuable to your team. If you have a well-rounded center like Toews then the offensive flair of Kane might be more valuable to your team.
The one player that stands out to me though is Hall because he doesn't need anyone else to complete his game.

I think people like Mckinnon because he's more like a cross between a RNH and a Hall. He's fairly broad, he forechecks hard, and has good vision. A lot of people like him because he's well rounded, some don't because he isn't a specialist in any one area.

Either way all these players are so fun to watch
Good analysis. Each one is special in their own way and each adds a different element to their team for sure

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