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Originally Posted by Raisy View Post
Yeah I've struggled with this, because I can see two sides; as a fan I am curious to know what rules were broken and why they were broken, but I also appreciate the fact that they didn't throw the kids under the bus.
But also how they flatly and frankly denied it from the get-go, and then admit it but the refuse to talk about it. It wouldn't be throwing the kids under the bus - they're grown adults no longer on the team who decided to sign their names to statements against the team. And it's their parents who likely made the side deals to begin with, it's not like a 15 yr old is going to play hardball on their own. And not naming names puts innocent players under the cloud. As I've mentioned here previously I've heard Campbell, Ryan, Fowler, Watson Koko, Peca, Bill Dark all rather matter of factly claimed to be the people involved. Given the press says it's two cases, it means five of those folks are wrongfully under suspicion. London fan here seems pretty matter of fact that former spit goalie coach and current London goalie coach Bill Dark is involved - if so that stinks to high heaven and he shouldn't get to hide.

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