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Originally Posted by Injektilo View Post
So am i correct in noticing that if you want a 75 flex, you've gotta go higher up in price? Seems like all sticks under $100 are either 100(95) and 85 flex. I'm far too tall for an intermediate stick, and I've used a 67 flex before and hated it. Would live to try a 75 (usually use 85) but I've noticed they're really hard to find in stores, and they tend to start at $150 or so.
Not necessarily, one part has to do with store availability, like the above poster mentioned, and the other is the fact that a lot of low end sticks and some mid end sticks are not offered in 75/77 flex. I could help you confirm which ones are and aren't if you want; simply list some desired types of sticks and I could check for you.

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