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Originally Posted by The Big Unit View Post

Say what you will about diverting funds from fixing infrastructure to building an arena but a major reason much of our infrastructure is crumbling is because of urban sprawl. They keep allowing developers to build new neighborhoods in areas further and further away from the city center. This has two negative effects. First, it costs a TON of money to lay and then maintain new infrastructure in these areas. New roads, new power lines, new sewage systems, new telephone lines etc don't come for free and it means that money isn't being spent to fix older neighborhoods. Second, it only spreads people out further from downtown exacerbating our issues with an already very low population density. This leads to less property tax being collected per sq km because way less people live/work/own businesses in the area.

We need more LRT, more condo buildings downtown and we need something for people to do when they decide to spend their time downtown. At least make it an attractive place for people to spend their time and maybe we can partially shed the reputation as an ugly ****hole in the prairies because our reputation matters too.
Nonsense. The neighbourhood I live in is not urban sprawl, neither are the ones closer to downtown from me, neither are the ones immediately south. These are long time, well established older neighbourhoods in which the lifecycle of the roads and sidewalks are well well past due date. You also have to take a close look at the type of people you are trying to get to live downtown. Condos are not for everyone, the neighbourhoods surrounding that core are not for everyone. Try and encourage down town development? Sure go for it. Use infra money on new capital projects rather than what it is mostly meant for? No, bad idea.

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