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04-12-2013, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
Nonsense. The neighbourhood I live in is not urban sprawl, neither are the ones closer to downtown from me, neither are the ones immediately south. These are long time, well established older neighbourhoods in which the lifecycle of the roads and sidewalks are well well past due date. You also have to take a close look at the type of people you are trying to get to live downtown. Condos are not for everyone, the neighbourhoods surrounding that core are not for everyone. Try and encourage down town development? Sure go for it. Use infra money on new capital projects rather than what it is mostly meant for? No, bad idea.
Read my post properly! Are you trying to tell me the city doesn't foot part of the bill for the development of new infrastructure in areas south of Ellerslie, north of Belle Rive, west of the Anthony Henday and other areas? Can you tell me what would likely happen to the infrastructure in your neighborhood if the money that went to building new infrastructure in new neighborhoods like Silverberry,Tamarack, others in SE Edmonton was spent fixing up the infrastructure in neighborhoods like yours?

Last time I checked Edmonton was a city and we need to start acting like one. There are plenty of houses on the market in Edmonton proper if you don't want to live in a condo. Or you can move to Sherwood Park or St. Albert if it's too noisy or crowded for you in the city.

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