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04-12-2013, 05:02 PM
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Originally Posted by OverTheCap View Post
I understand why Carolina would be interested in trading for Staal, but the obsession that some Rangers fans have with shipping him off to Carolina is mindboggling.

The whole "well one of the defenseman has to go so why not Staal?" argument just goes to show how undervalued Staal is. Staal is the best defenseman on this team, Girardi and Del Zotto aren't even in the same class as him. McDonagh is close but not there yet. Sather drove Staal to his doctor's appointments - it's quite obvious the Rangers organization view him as a very important player and they aren't going to part with him unless he wants out.
Staal is the best pure shutdown D overall in the league, IMO.
That said, that is not the issue.
The issue is there is a price point which becomes more acute with the dwindling cap.
It would be nice if we could pay Nash about a mil less and repurpose that money, not that Rick isn't earning every penny, but we have limitations on what we can do is what I'm saying.

So besides the obvious: recover Richards ridiculous contract thru amnesty, shave a bit off Biron, move Boyle if there is a good enough return, plead w/Henrik to give us half a mil or so hometown discount, there really aren't too many options. There is not a lot of fat to trim.

At that point, not now but in the near future, we may be forced to move either Staal or Girardi or even both.
Both may have it's merits because you are offering a L-R top pair as a package, getting more together than both separately.

The statements about Staal/Girardi, without any suggestion from me, by the way --- admit it, I was just way ahead of the curve on this --- is not based on any negative view of these guys.

It's based solely on the fact that as most senior D, they earn/will earn more than younger counterparts, not only on talent and ability, but as a cumulative status as a veteran. WE would LOVE to pay them, but the league has caps we gotta work with. The only way around this would be to cut from elsewhere, but again, there is not that much to cut...

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