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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
Come on...seriously man?

I could see Gagne getting signed around 1.75-2.00.

As for Laughton, McGinn, Flanagan, Cousins, and Akeson...I can't see any world where they're not given a legitimate shot.

If we do retain Gagne though...

Hartnell - Giroux - Voracek
Simmonds - Schenn - Read
Gagne - Couturier - Laughton/McGinn/Flanagan/Cousins/Akeson
Rinaldo - Hall - Talbot

They're all battling for what appears to be one roster slot. Two obviously if Gagne is not retained.

Where Hall is concerned, I think we sign him because we don't readily know the kind of player Holmstrom will be going through the offseason.

Of course, if we draft a forward like Drouin, all bets are off. You could see guys like Read and Hartnell traded fairly easily for defensive upgrades. You could see Gagne allowed to walk.

McGinn/(Hartnell) - Giroux - Voracek
Simmonds - Schenn - Drouin/(1st round pick)
Laughton/(Read) - Couturier - Flanagan/Cousins/Akeson/(Gagne)
Rinaldo - Hall/Holmstrom - Talbot
Rosehill (who we might sign to be the new Shelley)

Timonen - Schenn
(Hartnell trade PMD) - Coburn
(Read trade PMD) - Grossmann


It's going to be an interesting offseason regardless of where we draft, but I can promise it's going to be an interesting camp as well.

We have a metric-****ton of options at forward. Someone is going to be used to get a defenseman.

Also, I would be EXTREMELY pleased if we signed Joacim Eriksson and shuffled him into the lineup splitting time with Mason as a back-up for Bryz. If it's true that he wants a shot at the NHL, then I say we have every reason to give him that shot.
come on serious about what?

that is to much for gagne.

yeah they might have a shot but some are absolute longshots. that is a fact. several will be first cuts imo.

gervais is your 7th not gustafson. gervias is a better player. wow that is sad.

if eriksson is signed it is with the intentions of going to the ahl. if you count on him to be in the nhl your settng yourself and him up for failure. let him earn it instead of being handed too him. no problem siging him but he chatter on these boards is good stuff

so if he isnt signed by anyone will you continue to say it is a mistake by the flyers not to have signed their former 7th rd pick?

we know what kind of player holmstrum is, an ahl player. he isnt good neough for a regular nhl role. he hasnt cracked the lineup since he has been here. he isnt getting any better.

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