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Me myself has gotten half way through, but for those who has'nt voted on my division yet, or cares for some other reason i have made a slight overhaul on our PP, although the defenders and net presences are the same. This is becouse the added dynamics of the first unit overweighs the loss on the second in my opinion, not the least becouse the two will play at about a 2 to 1 ratio.

Vladimir Petrov(RHS) - Brendan Shanahan(RHS) - Max Bentley
-------------James Patrick(RHS) - Vyacheslav Fetisov

We certainly feel the defenders, Petrov and Bentley sure can keep the pressure here. Petrov has the opportunity to either play off a pass from Patrick or slap it from the same or Bentley. Bentley can take a pass from almost everywhere here really, shoot or zig-zag his way into position in the slot here while Shanahan covers the goalie. We also have good setups for Fetisov in store.

Daniel Sedin - Claude Lemieux(RHS) - Dany Heatley
--------------Paul Reinhart - Gary Suter

I believe the two defensemen together with Sedin can have the puck on a string here. Prime Heatley will always be looking for the one-timer with the help of Lemieux who gets to show his full tenacity in the slot and in front of the goalie which we feel he can do allright. Create some disturbance.

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