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04-12-2013, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by ozo View Post
I know it's useless to argue with you, but we can start it here. Do you know how many teams there actually is in the VHL and how many in the EBEL? If VHL would assemble it's best talant in 10 rosters I'd start to see some VHL superiority but know it's too watered down to think VHL on average is so much better than anything EBEl can offer. It's nonsense.

Now please, try to actually build a case for VHL's quality with some arguments, facts or hypothesis, because I'm well aware we don't have enough material to go on.
From what I see, top VHL teams operate at budgets with 10million dollars, more than Slovak and even some other top nations. So just from the budget we can say that it is better.

But if you want to look at just the hockey aspect, top VHL teams have up and coming prospects filling the roster and some really good players even. They are able to attract players like Krocak, Hult and Wargh and even better domestic Russians. And have guys like Nichushkin, Golubev, Gusev, and many other prospects that cant make stacked KHL teams but certainly have loads of KHL-level talent.

To me VHL>EBEL is a no-brainer

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