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04-12-2013, 06:45 PM
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the "system" is a bit wonky, but then waitstaff are free to do something else (wash dishes?). The whole idea from the restaurant or bar's perspective is that an incentive-heavy wage should provide motivation to provide a great customer experience, which reflects well on them. I don't like the idea of tips being taxed or tips being pooled as i think it would breed resentment in certain situations. Why the hell be nice when grumpy pete over there isn't contributing?

i do find a lot of minnesotans are just cheap ******** and find the most nitpicky reasons on earth to not tip or tip poorly. I tip very well with average service getting 20%, great service getting 25%. if someone at my table has been a PITA and the waiter or chef is gracious about it i'll throw in more. The places with the mandatory tip added piss me off a little though. I tip less or not at all for poor service depending on what i think the reason is.

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