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Originally Posted by timekeep View Post
One of the biggest problems with Edmonton, just want to keep sprawling. They want to annex part of the County of Leduc. I recall a while back someone wanted to build a couple of high towers, 20 storeys+, at the old Heritage mall site. But there was so much push back from the locals, mainly because they didn't want building that high net door to them. They ended up with buildings about half the size they originally wanted. A condo complex in Edmonton is lucky to be 4 storeys high. Edmonton is the worse city in Canada for sprawling as the attitude is that there is nothing but land, might as well use it.

I am guilty as I want to live in a big house with a double or triple garage and large yard.

Councillors need to have the balls to do what's right, instead of what's popular. You have to put up with the petitions and the angry NIMBY'rs to do your job properly. At this level of politics, you know you'll take a lot of heat and you need to have your asbestos suit on. Higher densities is right, even when it's unpopular.

That's how to build sustainable cities. It costs roughly $1.30 for every dollar of tax revenue for each new house. They don't pay their way so cities have to find ways to reduce the costs of development, and this is one way.

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