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Originally Posted by racquetball View Post
Other than one season, Getzlaf has barely posted numbers that are so much better than Kopitar's as not to also take into context the kind of teams they play for.
Here are some stats that show otherwise:


2007-08 77GP 82P 1.07PPG
2008-09 82GP 91P 1.11PPG
2009-10 66GP 69P 1.05PPG
2010-11 67GP 76P 1.13PPG
2011-12 82GP 57P 0.70PPG
2012-13 38GP 43P 1.13PPG
Total 412GP 418P 1.01PPG


2007-08 82GP 77P 0.94PPG
2008-09 82GP 66P 0.81PPG
2009-10 82GP 81P 0.99PPG
2010-11 75GP 73P 0.97PPG
2011-12 82GP 76P 0.93PPG
2012-13 40GP 36P 0.90PPG
Total 443GP 409P 0.92PPG

Kopitar destroys Getzlaf in 2011-12 which was an awful year for Getzlaf but outside of that the only year he's close to Getzlaf in terms of production is the 2009-10 year.

Defensively Kopitar is better but it's closer than most make it out to be - Getzlaf is no slouch in his own end and has been relied on by both Carlyle and Boudreau to match up against other teams top lines. Physically both are above average but Getzlaf is pretty clearly ahead of Kopitar in this aspect. I would go as far as saying Getzlaf is the most physical 1C in the league right now.

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