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04-12-2013, 06:45 PM
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More Durango rumours and Xbox line-up rumoured info:

So these are unsubstantiated but it sounds like Microsoft will actually launch 2 Xbox's:

1. The Durango (720 or whatever) that will directly compete with the PS4 and be priced the same...

2. An 'Xbox Mini' that will essentially be competing with Apple TV (to stream tv) BUT apparently it will also play Xbox live games and allow backwards compatibility to the Durango... and will be price lower than $149.99 as another piece of hardware.

Interesting when compared to the PS4.

Essentially, for functionality, it will cost more but provide more features and better backwards compatibility...

However I'm not sure I like the idea of two separate devices...

The rumours about the "always online" apparently relates to the Xbox mini only which doesn't have a disc drive and functions like Apple TV... but apparently the 720 wont be always online required.

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