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Originally Posted by FlyersFan61290 View Post
Oh I know that but for a guy to say he has no shot at an NHL spot after putting up respectable numbers in the AHL (the closest league to the NHL) is asinine. Again that doesnt mean I think he makes the team. And what does putting up numbers in the AHL mean? is that a serious question, yeah it doesnt guarantee he succeeds in the NHL but thats what you do in hockey. when a player plays well at a lower level he gets a look at the next level. im not hyping anybody, all i did was state a fact (akesons stats) and that he'll get a look. im basing all this stuff on facts and history of the sport, your basing everything you are saying on absolutely nothing.

And as far as the rest of your comment is concerned ticket I can't respond as I honestly can't make sense of your post. You bring up Gus just to say he's not an NHL dman for no real reason. So I'm pretty sure you're now just trolling me. Unless you want to provide some sort of basis for what you're saying I won't be responding anymore.

Ranford went unsigned but I'm not really sure what that has to do with anything though.
did jonathan matsumoto get a look? he put up a lot of points. did pat maroon get a look, he put up some points. who els eput up points and didnt get a look?so then if you dont out up points will you also not get a look? it isnt all about putting up points but you know that already correct? well i m glad you think he will get a look, i will say he will be amung the first cuts come training camp, that is even if he isinvited to the main camp. i guess time will tell.

i have stated that he is weak in his own end, is physically overmatched. his offense in the ahl isn translating to the nhl. he just isnt good enough on a contending team if you read the post that was pretty clear what i said. it is yor business if you respond, makes no diff to me at all.

ranford another guy some people were upset they didnt sign and all that jazz.hence the overrating aspect. you probably like wellwood dont you?

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