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Originally Posted by ticket View Post
did jonathan matsumoto get a look? he put up a lot of points. did pat maroon get a look, he put up some points. who els eput up points and didnt get a look?so then if you dont out up points will you also not get a look? it isnt all about putting up points but you know that already correct? well i m glad you think he will get a look, i will say he will be amung the first cuts come training camp, that is even if he isinvited to the main camp. i guess time will tell.

i have stated that he is weak in his own end, is physically overmatched. his offense in the ahl isn translating to the nhl. he just isnt good enough on a contending team if you read the post that was pretty clear what i said. it is yor business if you respond, makes no diff to me at all.

ranford another guy some people were upset they didnt sign and all that jazz.hence the overrating aspect. you probably like wellwood dont you?
1. Akeson is scoring at a higher ppg pace then either Maroon or Matsumoto and is doing so with virtually no support. Matsumoto's numbers were close but he was terrible in his own zone and showed no interest in improving. Akeson has improved in his own zone and if you followed the phantoms this season that would be evident. Yes he's undersized but so are many other NHLers, that alone isn't enough. you saying his game won't translate means nothing when you have nothing to base this on. and now you're saying he won't even get an invite? he did the past two years and all he has done is improve so why would he all of a sudden not be invited? i guess time will indeed tell...

2. I never said anything about Ranford so please if you're speaking with me don't make blind generalizations to prove a point about others.

3. No, I do not like Wellwood, I think he's a career AHLer (and honestly not a very good one either).

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