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08-29-2006, 05:59 PM
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Originally Posted by ktf View Post
How is the hockey there for anybody who can compare it to here in canada... ive seen video clips of the elite league there the best league of them all... seems ok but an old washed up theo fleury lit it up so the claribre clearly isnt offense just commenting...
No offence taken, most British hockey fans would be the first to say we don't have the greatest league in the world In North American terms I'd say the standard is mid- to low-level ECHL. Last year's champions Belfast Giants would probably be able to hold their own and finish mid-table if they were an ECHL team, bottom club Edinburgh probably would have struggled to beat most UHL/CHL sides. Theo did light up the league, yes, but he was playing with some extremely good players on the Giants - three of the top five scorers last year were from Belfast. I couldn't see him doing as well on one of the bottom clubs.

Originally Posted by ktf View Post
plus u just need more rinks and more of it on tv to increase interests...
The age-old question that many of us have been asking for years. We do have a lot of rinks in the UK, its just that not all of them are fit for professional/semi-pro hockey, being nothing more than public skating rinks. Television deals are there (we've got a weekly roundup show on NASN that isn't exactly Hockey Night in Canada but is still worth a watch), its just that as a nation we're obsessed with sports such as football, rugby, cricket etc and tend to alienate hockey as another "weird imported American game" that should be shunned at all costs. Even darts gets more coverage over here. Back in the late 90s at the peak of British hockey we had a regular programme on Sky Sports that was fantastic, and they treated it with a lot of respect. Now they demand that we have 10 teams in the Elite (achieved this season) but that we pay for the coverage ourselves (not financially possible). The best way to get people hooked has proven to be to actually get them to watch a game themselves.

Originally Posted by ktf View Post
and another thing how many rinks are there total in england just want to compare to how many there are on vancouver island... its a big island about 8 hour driving down the eastern coast end to end about 6-7 small communities and greater victoria which has liek 800k and nanaimo with 100k, 14 minor hockey associations.. we have 33 ice surfaces just for hockey... how many there
The best thing I can do is direct you to for a map of all the rinks in the UK. You can add our new rink at Altrincham to it too, just south of Blackburn. There are also several more in the planning stages in Ireland, who should soon be getting their own league.

Hope that helps

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