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Originally Posted by Section19 View Post
This is hilarious. People WHO ACTUALLY KNOW ME laughed at this comment. I don't like the goons, agitators or players that try to take a players head off with a check. I like skilled players with HEART that don't give up the minute an opponent approaches them which happens all the time with Campagna. I'm a big fan of players like Leivo and Sgarbossa. Players that are top end offensive players that aren't afraid to get hit or give a clean check (which means just seperating the opponent from the puck and not putting him through the boards). Campagna has no HEART, no DETERMINATION and no DRIVE, refuses to fight through checks and gives up easily.

Pancel is smaller than Campagna and he's willing to go in the corners with the puck against bigger opponents. Pancel's willing to check opponents to get the puck. All things that Campagna is clearly afraid to do. Look at Kuchin the past two years. Skilled player who would take a hit (small or big) to make a play. Campagna fails to do this and gives up with the slightest pressure.
You had me until you mentioned Kuchin taking hits to make a play???????????? Are you for real. He may as well have worn a black and white jersey, for all the lack of hitting and traffic he avoided. It is clear that you have something against MC.

Sgarbossa was a star, but he was also a big suck. How many times when he got hit, he would skate to the bench and forget about his team and the play. Leivo is a competitive player with good hands and size, but not all are blessed like him.

IF MC is useless, then Sudbury has no chance next year. Because they dont have anyone on the team that has half his talent or ability. Bottom line. Pancel does compete, but thats it. If MC doesnt go, then the team doesnt go. See the relation.

There are 30 NHL teams that would love to have players like Kessel, Nicklas Backstrom, St. Louis. All these players are soft and dont bang the corners like you insist, but are very effective in their roles. Not everyone can be a Meathead out there.

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