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04-13-2013, 12:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Joey Moss View Post
I know I said that but I've had some second thoughts. Right now I'm pretty focused on exams and we might as well do the Entry Draft when I can get the attention back from everyone in the league. We'll do Entry Draft and off-season stuff around the same time and I can PM everyone in the league over the same thing instead of PM'ing them now about the draft and again later about off-season things. Plus the final draft rankings do help a lot.

It would be in June so don't worry about that.
woot! I think its a good idea, would have been down for either, but at least this gives us more to do come summer. more tims to focus on playoffs/exams for those that do. And yea final rankings are awesome, not that theyll change much, but for rounds 2 and 3 I think its pretty useful, say a 2nd rounder drops to late 3rd by then or a 4th rounder now jumps to 3rd... could make a difference.

anyway goodluck with exams JM, n anyone else. ill be popping in occasionally to see if there are any changes.

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