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04-13-2013, 01:12 AM
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Starcraft Heart of the Swarm - 8/10

Solid additions to the game, great single player campaign, and fantastic cinematics as always. The only thing that was disappointing was the storyline was cheesy and lacked Blizzard's usual touch, especially when compared to the original and Brood War. The dialogue was wooden, the voice actors were great, but were noticeable hindered by the dialogue.

Bioshock Infinite - 10/10

This has definitely be a good year for games, not too often that I think so highly of so many titles in a single year. This game takes the cake doing what it does best: atmosphere. Bioshock 1 became a benchmark for how to properly execute atmosphere is a video game. Bioshock 2 was great, but since all the surprises were already out of the bag in Rapture the atmosphere was a little stale. Bioshock Infinite went right back to the roots of immersing its audience in another flawlessly executed atmosphere in Columbia.

The graphics were solid maxed out, the colors were bright an vibrant (a direct 180 from Rapture), the soundtrack was superb, the voice acting was top notch, and most importantly, the storyline was extremely well written. Probably one of the best in many years.

It is an absolute must play.


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