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04-13-2013, 02:50 AM
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Kings fan, still coming in peace. You guys have to understand that we are like joined at the hip or something. Some of us follow you closely. When we got Richards, we were also going after the other Richards in a big way with big wigs flying out to court him and all that BS.

When we got Mike, we knew we got the real deal dropped in our laps and we were like OMG. Sure Simmer and Schenn were a cost and we loved Simmer as I bet you guys do, but no Mike no Stanley Cup. Period.

Originally Posted by domestique View Post
The problem was Carter and even Richard to some extent did not jive in the locker room chemistry. It would have been interesting to see how it would have played out if Lavy was the one booted and not those two.

I truly believe Carter spending half a season in CBJ made him mature. Being given a "second chance" to play for a winning team like the Kings sparked a new drive then just partying in Philly's night life.
So in other words, and I've followed this from day one, Carter bad guy, Management good guy, Pronger good guy, Richards bad guy. Nice bookends.

As to Carter's maturity, maybe take a look at the two organizations and see what the differences are.

Wouldn't it behoove Management to create an atmosphere conducive to keeping these two talented players around? They also seemed to like Philly, right? Instead you got young untested and not necessarily compatable/chemistry with the players you received.

And what about the revolving door policy, you guys can name them better than me starting with Mike and Jeff, I see former Flyers that were on your team all over the place.

Didn't these guys go to the Conference Finals?

Oh, yes, and no Jeff no Cup.

Originally Posted by Curufinwe View Post
I would much rather have Voracek and Couturier than the guy who never got it done in the playoffs in Philly.
Originally Posted by CanadianFlyer88 View Post
Carter was a great Brian Campbell stick check from sending the Flyers to Game 7 in 2010. Two years later he scores two game winners, including the Stanley Cup winner, in the Final.
For the Kings.

Originally Posted by Curufinwe View Post
Like I said, he never got done in the playoffs in Philly. 21 points in 47 games.
Management didn't support him either.

Originally Posted by GoneFullHolmgren View Post
still boggles my mind some people fault him for that. Niemi made a great save as well.
Originally Posted by achdumeingute View Post
Except that the logical reason isn't really viable.

There is no logical reason to trade young 70 pt capable scorers signed to relatively cap friendly deals for "good" hockey trades.

We could have CERTAINLY kept these two and worked in Bryz's contract if that was the desire.

Its CLEAR there were extenuating circumstances, but we will likely NEVER hear what they were, because that is just poor management.
Thank you. I feel bad for Philly. We want to kick your ***** in the Finals.

Originally Posted by achdumeingute View Post
Again, looking at history...logically going off the published reasons stated, players like Richards and Carter don't get traded...unless something else is in play.

There was no "hockey" reason to make this deal.

The returns we got were good, but not massive overpayments.

I can't think of any other player who has been traded in this situation without additional off ice factors.
We will never know but my original point was kind of "what good fortune for the Kings when teams make moves and we benefit in such a prolific and semi-ironic way".

I think Kings fans will continue to look at Philly for a long while. Good luck.

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