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12-29-2003, 09:46 AM
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Originally Posted by kazo
Couldn't agree more as far as defensive zone coverage is concerned, especially in front of the Ranger net. As far as I'm concerned, I think this bunch could be the worst in the league. Nobody except for maybe deVries touches anybody in the low slot and opposing players are allowed to whack away at lose pucks. And as far as I'm concerned Leetch is as big a culprit as anybody else. Well, maybe Malakhov is the worst. How bad must Bouchard and Purinton be if they can't crack this top six. That pathetic poke check by Malakhov on Sundin's game winner should have been enough to cause something dramatic to happen. But it won't.

Couple of other thoughts. Why do Simon and Barnaby not get more ice? and what exactly does Pascal Rheaume add to this team?

i was at the game and what true blue says is right! i don't know what these guys are thinking? if gary roberts is going to the net, unmolested, while our defense is backing up, practiclly running into our own goaltender, something is very wrong!! roberts did the same thing twice against us! they know they are not going to pay a price against us! if it were me i'd take my forearm and implant it in roberts head, just for thinking he can do that! malacough goes to play the puck instead of the body? look what happens? we have not replaced beukeboom and i think some of the guys on here have been saying it for a while, as have i! we are not gm's! we are fans! how could we know this and not them? get poti off this team as quick as possible? as i said to one of the guys at the game, "we traded mike york for this?" "no wonder what is wrong with this team?" he flat out sucks!! i don't want to hear a peep about his offensive skill!! he just sucks!! he might as well bend over when an opposing player comes at him! because all they are going to do to him is a$$ **** him!! also, why the hell do ranger fans let opposing teams fans abuse them? i had a few over by me yelling ***** and talking all kinds of smack, finally i turned around and said " shut the f@#$ up or i'm coming over there and kicking your effin a$$es up and down the garden isles!" as soon as i said it everyone wanted in? what do we need someone to hold our hand? if they did that crap in philly they would've gotten their a$$es kicked! when did the garden get so wimpy?

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