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04-13-2013, 03:57 AM
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Those seasons still had many fillers, even if most episodes and impact on the story, unlike Supernatural, so yes, in a way, but there is still Motw episodes. Like the hyena episode, the swim team, the egg episode or when Xander does a love spell etc etc.
However, as you say, even filler episodes of Buffy has story significance in them. Even the filler episode, the musical Once more with the feelings, has a very huge event in it. So even if there was no "main story" episode, there were always important somehow, and that is what made Buffy so special and why so many writers and directors of Hollywood call it the greatest tv show ever made. Even Doctor Who was brought back on the screen becuse of Buffy. If you are going to have a 20-24 ep season, you should do it like Buffy. Otherwise i think the show is better of with 10-15 episodes like Dexter or The Shield.

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