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04-13-2013, 07:19 AM
Dr. Fire
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If the Jackets win they will come. Let me use my firehouse as a microcosm of the city. Every firemen there is a Buckeye fan. Any time there is an OSU football or basketball game the big screen tv's (fear not tax payers we buy the tv's not the city) in the living area, and dining area are tuned to the game. If you want to watch a Jackets game you usually watch in your bedroom.

That all changed when the Jackets started winning and clawed back into the play-off race. There haven't been many conflicts with OSU, but now at least one of the big screen tv's is tuned to the Jackets game, and a good number of the guys are watching. Even when the Bucks were playing in the basketball tourney, much talk was devoted to how the Jackets were doing.

Like has been said, it is easy to be a Buckeye fan because of their constant success. Not so easy to be a CBJ fan because of their history of futility. But from what I see from my die hard Buckeye buddies is renewed interest in the CBJ since they have been playing better.

Yea, they are fair weather fans, but name for me one team that does not have those. People will find it easy to hate on a team when they are down, but as soon as they start winning they suddenly have been fans for life.

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