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04-13-2013, 08:24 AM
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Originally Posted by chewerjones View Post
MC missed 23 games last year and most of 2nd half because of concussion, so your point about him playing 2nd line all year is incorrect, and his limited points was because he missed the 23 games. Also behind Sgarbossa, Leivo and Kuchin, it was like playing 3rd or 4th line. MC, Baptiste last year got minimal PP time. They would come on with 20 seconds or so left in the PP, most of the time.

You have no clue on what goes on behind the scenes. I can tell you for a FACT, that Cull has maybe said 10 sentences to MC in his first 2 years, and they were all degrading comments. No encouraging comments at all. MC has never asked for a trade because he isnt a quitter, but if any other OHL player was treated like he was by Cull, they would have left the team long time ago. Thats a FACT. Only because of BS and Mark Burgess, that MC is still there, and why CUll will be gone next year.
You're such a lost cause it's not even worth it anymore. With any luck the wolves will see the light on your glorious MC, and move him to a "real team" and this will all be a non-issue.

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