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Originally Posted by 416Leafer View Post
These are factors that a lot of people ignore. Grabo HAS been an effective player for us this year. Look at our GAA, its quite a bit better than previous seasons. Part of that is McClement, Carlyle, etc. but Grabo has also been reasonably effective in a shutdown role. So just looking at his point totals doesnt tell the whole story.

In saying that, you don't pay 5.5M for a checking C. Even if he has been reasonably effective in that role, he's incredibly overpaid for that role. The going rate is closer to 3-3.5M, and thats usually for a player who will also play 2-3 minutes on the PK a night, which Grabo doesnt do.

When in an offensive role? 5.5M is still overpaid. You dont pay that for a guy who's never topped 60 points, and who looks like he'll average high 40s - mid 50s for points. Two-way centres who put up those types of points get closer to 4-4.5M. Any way that you slice it, him being used as a checking C or him being used in an offensive role, he's overpaid IMO.
What's interesting is that we're really mixing up roles. One being a shut down forward, the other being a third line checking forward. Having said that, these roles are simply not the same.

A third line checking forward is normally a blue collar line that will play general checking duties. These type of forwards usually do not have the ability to shut down top players. Since these forwards have limited offensive capability, they'll largely be in the opposition zone. In contrast, a shut down player doesn't just contain the opposition's scoring lines, but maintains puck possession in the offensive zone.

An example of a shut down forward would be John Madden. He was effective in maintaining puck possession against top offensive lines and scored essential short-handed goals. With this in mind, do you know what he was being paid? From 2005-2009, he was earning around 4 million per ( 25-41pts output). Similarly, Jordan Staal never produced over 50 pts, and is signed to a 6 million per deal.

Seeing that Grabovski had produced 29 goals, 58pts, while he's taking on top opposition, I understand the 5.5 million per. He was still developing and it actually looks quite fair. Since Burke didn't employ cap circumvention and now it's gone, it's obvious that cap hits will increase. In short, parity will be promoted as skilled players leave top teams.

PS: Jordan Staal @ 24 pts, Jeff Skinner @ 21 pts ( 35GB, 5.725 million per). Heck Mikko Koivu ibeing paid 6.7 million per ( 7.29m for next season) is just producing 33 pts.

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