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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
You know, I love Subban and I was behind him the whole time but I don't like seeing these type of comments from him.

Medias vote for the Norris. He shouldn't go out of his way to remind them of their idiocy.

Also, his comments could very well apply to Gorges. It's not the time to ruffle feathers and stir up crap.

I like that he is using this to fuel his focus but ultimately, it's better to find other sources of motivation. Soon, there won't be anyone credible left to say crap about him so what will his motivation be then ? Truthfully, I'm not worried about that too much because PK is a serious athlete and I'm sure he'll be fine but he should still keep that stuff to himself.
He gave an honest interview, man. He's not saying give me a Norris, he's saying that it was extra motivating to see all the bile thrown at him by so many people.

Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
I 2nd this.. I still remember his 1st game against philly (called up from hamilton) and I made a "pk is god" thread after the 1st period. i was ridiculed, ignored and demoralized...

what I'm saying is that ill be there ramming the crow down their throats and should they choke ill stuff it up their other holes
You're always ridiculed and ignored though.

Originally Posted by Dr Gonzo View Post
Francois Gagnon retweeted if IIRC, which is kind of ironic since some of the "I read the garbage they wrote" was definitely directed at him. (IE: Not worth more than MDZ...good one Gagnon)
Gagnon is a nobody.

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