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Originally Posted by FANonymous View Post
Now this is a story all about how Steeltown Jacket's life got flip turned upside down
All I need is a minute if that's okay, I'll tell you how he became a fan of both OSU and CBJ

Up north there in Youngstown, born and raised, at the ice rink was where he spent most of his days
Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool, playing ice hockey before and after school
When a couple of Goons, I think they played for the Blues
started making trouble whenever they would lose
He got in one little fight and his mom got a premonition
"You're gonna go to OSU in Columbus, and I'll pay the tuition"

He whistled for a cab but none were around
he said, oh yeah, that's cause I'm still in ****ing Youngstown
Everyone knows that cabs here are rare
So he bought a plane ticket and flew through the air!

He got his college education in an extra year or two
And that's why he now loves the OSU
He looked at their kingdom, and started to think
"I love the CBJ too, cause of my days at the rink."

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