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Originally Posted by mooskating View Post
apparently you didn't read what i wrote or read it wrong or whatever, so i'll say it again---

as i said... he hasn't done anything to warrant a "big year" deal. IE the 8 years that he was rumored to be asking san jose for...
do we want him? yes.
do we want him for 8 years if he's not producing and nothing more than a grinder(albeit better than most of the ones we have)? **** no!!
I read what you said and what you said was wrong. He has done a lot since his first game to warrant a big deal. By that I mean a 4 Y, 4.5 contract. What he's done is provided this team with a second PP unit which it didn't have. He's provide this team with a legit forward in front of the net which it didn't have. He's provide the team with a legit tough forward who can protect the team with 40 to 50 point potential which it didn't have. That is what he brings every game.

For starter, teams aren't handing out 7 to 8 year contracts to non star players unless they are beyond stupid or have to make the cap floor. The Rangers are neither. Second, you look at players based off of stats. What Clowe brings other than stats are things that no other forward on this team can bring. That is why Sather give up the picks he did for him. You are out of your mind if you think Sather gave up potentially 2 second round picks and a third rounder for a guy he's going to let go. Especially, when he brings intangibles that other forwards on the roster can't.

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