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04-13-2013, 10:50 AM
Seth Lake
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Here's my reality. Weber's quote was exactly what it was and should not and cannot be taken as a 140 character Twitter snippet to determine his intent. Weber is frustrated. If you are in that locker room and smiling and just happy to be there and collect an NHL paycheck, then you are not long for this league or this team. You have to want to be better. You have to want to have your team play better. You have to be able to be honest with yourself and not only look yourself in the mirror, but also look your teammates in the eyes and know that you are giving it your all every shift of every game from the opening drop to the final horn.

The Preds have come out flat for a couple of games now. They know, as we do, that they are icing an AHL caliber offensive group and to win will need to play a tight defensive system and have a solid effort in net from Rinne (Sorry Mase, I love that you came back, but last night was...) to win a low scoring game. Their opponents? Their opponents know coming in that the Preds have ONE NHL caliber forward line (Beck - Legwand - Hornqvist) and that if they can shut them down and limit their mistakes against the other lines then they stand an excellent chance of winning in regulation as long as they match the Preds work ethic.

It's a tough spot for players to be in and get motivated, but if you want to be in this league you have to find a way and it's something that at this point can't come from the coaches or the's gotta come from within yourself. If you want to stay in this league, you've gotta bring it on a nightly basis. Your not always going to have your best game, sometimes you'll just have an off night, but even on those nights there are minimum effort levels that must be met to provide value to your team and your teammates.

I can't discount what St. Louis and Dallas have done this week. They came in with a game plan, worked hard, and executed that game plan to take the two points.

Bottom line, this is audition time for our youngsters. Bang has impressed me in his limited role and earned more ice time last night. He should not be in the plans to start next season in Nashville, but could definitely see him continuing to fill out his frame and line himself up for a recall next season. Bartley has been strong in his role since being recalled and should be in the discussion for a full-time role next season on defense. Beck has been great since being recalled and is only quiet right now because he is our ONLY offensive threat and teams are keying in on him. Watson is adjusting, but hasn't yet shown much offensively due to his skating. He needs to be paired moving forward with someone who can carry the puck for his line so that he can find the hole and win the battles to generate chances.

Unfortunately, for those that are simply hanging on, this is their audition time too and realistically they should expect to be replaced this summer.

Overall, I don't have a problem with Weber's remark.

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