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04-13-2013, 11:08 AM
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I actually read this article a couple of times to make sure I understood the tone of his comments. I like the fact that Subban is using his wounded feelings to motivate himself. If "I'll show THEM" works for him, that's great. But, saying those things out loud makes him sound bitter and a little bit immature, I think. He creates an image of himself sitting at home combing the papers and watching TV, making notes about bad things people are saying about him. It's fine for him to feel that way, but going public about it makes me feel a bit uneasy about his mindset. I would have hoped he could just recognize the talking heads for what they are and rise above them. This gives them power, because they know they can get to him.

A guy I know writes a small time Habs blog and during the lockout wrote a couple of things about Subban. Nothing overly critical of his behavior or his value to the team, just a look at where the roots of the holdout lay. He concluded Subban was probably looking for a long term deal when Bergevin wanted a bridge contract, and that Subban would be best serving the team if he were to suck it up and sign short term. No big deal, really. But about a week after he wrote that, Subban suddenly blocked him on Twitter. We thought it was weird because this guy was just a random fan, who never trolled Subban or anything. We wondered if the block was because Subban came across the blog and didn't like it. Maybe it was nothing, or maybe it wasn't

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