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04-13-2013, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
So because they got a recall before Bud in the past, they are therefore automatically ahead of Bud at the point he left? What team operates like that? Past success guarantees you nothing in the future.

As for trading him, DL didn't see a point in trading him when he was expecting Bud to come back to camp in the fall. It wasn't until Bud bolted out of the blue that the idea of trading him was an option and at that point what would anyone give him? Maybe a 7th? For a 7th or whatever, I'd rather just hold onto him and have exclusive negotiating rights and see if soemthing can be worked out.
From his perspective, how can't you see that? If four guys get recalls before you do, why do you think that'll be different going forward?

And that's the thing, there was no out of the blue, from everything I've heard. It was pretty clear they(Holloway and Moller) wanted out. DL refused, thinking he held all the power, and they bolted. And DL had his chance again to recoup on his losses, when Bud set a SEL playoff record for points, and he balked. I'm pretty sure he would've had decent enough value then.

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