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Originally Posted by Sabretip View Post
Based on TBN's article and other recent reports around the league on what buyouts the Flyers may do this summer, does anyone else see the Sabres possibly bringing Briere back as a free agent not only as a PR move to help dilute the negativity fans are feeling but with the notion that his veteran status would be sold as a mentor/role model to all of the younger prospects and players?

We all heard Briere's interviews in 2011, admitting that any resentment he had over his Buffalo departure was more linked to Quinn/Golisano than it was to Regier. And, at age 35, the demand for Briere may not be that high if he's let go this summer.

I'm not necessarily advocating bringing Briere back but, given the viral state of frustrations that seems to be surrounding the franchise right now, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Sabres look for goodwill gestures or olive branches to appease the fans in small ways and temper some of the natural pessimism about the future if Regier remains in place -and signing someone as popular as Briere for a 2 year deal at more reasonable salary might be such a move.
Depends on cost. He might help them as a transition player while the kids are maturing and may still have something to offer on the PP considering how terrible the Sabres PP is/has been.

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