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04-13-2013, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by ticket View Post
did jonathan matsumoto get a look? he put up a lot of points. did pat maroon get a look, he put up some points. who els eput up points and didnt get a look?so then if you dont out up points will you also not get a look? it isnt all about putting up points but you know that already correct? well i m glad you think he will get a look, i will say he will be amung the first cuts come training camp, that is even if he isinvited to the main camp. i guess time will tell.

i have stated that he is weak in his own end, is physically overmatched. his offense in the ahl isn translating to the nhl. he just isnt good enough on a contending team if you read the post that was pretty clear what i said. it is yor business if you respond, makes no diff to me at all.

ranford another guy some people were upset they didnt sign and all that jazz.hence the overrating aspect. you probably like wellwood dont you?
I'm not saying Jason Akeson is the second coming or anything, but leading your team in scoring @ age 21 and age 22 / in your first 2 years in the AHL is a little bit more impressive than what Matsumoto did. He's also clearly more talented than Matsumoto, his vision/passing is pretty darn good. He's also playing on a team devoid of any/all talent w/ a defensive-minded coach at the helm, while Matsumoto played on teams with a better talent level.

Again, I'm not saying Akeson is a future Flyer, or anything like that, but I find your assessment of his abilities to be ridiculous. I'll be you've never even seen him play live. I also find it ridiculous to say he won't even get a look when he's been invited to camp the last 2 years.

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