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Originally Posted by Traitor8 View Post
I think the point he was trying to make is that Price was repeatedly HANDED the starting position even though he didn't prove more than the goalies that were already in position or that were in the organization.

Huet beat him to the #1 spot so he got traded and we fell flat on our face in the playoffs. Halak outplayed him until Martin had no choice but to go with Halak and then again they trade Halak. Price was handed the #1 spot and was never asked to earn it... all because of "potential and what he could be" but after 8 years since we drafted him, he is still not there long can we wait ...
What are you waiting for?

I keep hearing how we are waiting for Price to become an elite goalie in the league. Well the wait is over. Price IS an elite goalie in the league. Deal with it. There isn't a single netminder in the entire world that goes out and wins every single game. Not one. There isn't a single goaltender who doesn't let in bad goals. Not one. What there are is a handful (around 5/6) of goalies who put up above average stats year in, year out and can handle 65-70 games/year. Price is one of those guys. How is that not elite? You can't win every game, you can't save every shot. What you can do is give your team a chance to win every game. Price is among the very, very best at his position at doing so.

How many games has Price been the sole reason we win or lose in his career? It's a pretty damned small number on both sides if you ask me.

His win/loss record is largely dependent on how the team in front of him plays. He gives them a chance virtually every single night, with very, very few exceptions. What more do some of you want from the guy? Does he give up bad goals sometimes? Sure he does. Does he make amazing game saving stops? Damned right. And in between those he is as solid and consistent as they come.

Whether anyone else wants to agree with me or not, Price IS a top 5 goalie in the league, and I can guarantee all 30 NHL GMs would agree with me. Try to name me more than 5 teams who wouldn't trade their current starter for Price, straight up. I can think of 4 or 5: Boston, New York, Nashville (maybe), LA, and Vancouver (maybe). Who else wouldn't? Honestly? How is that not elite? There are about 25 teams who would kill to have a guy like Price in net. Again, how is that not elite?

You don't simply replace what he bring to the table with a guy who has good starts in 30 games/season, or a hot run in the playoffs. Price is remarkably consistent from year to year, and is still one of the youngest starting netminders in the league. What is not to like about that?

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