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Originally Posted by Bobcat110 View Post
OP: Try to go easy on your OSU friend's cultic behavior. It's really a sad disease that inflicts too many Ohioans. In Ohio, grade school students are subjected to indoctrination.

Grade schoolers are expected to dress in OSU garb on Fridays in the Fall. They are ridiculed if they support another college team. However, this form of bullying is acceptable and expected.

Woody Hayes impersonators travel the circuit telling students that if they ever run out of gas in Michigan, they should push their cars to Toledo.

No music student shall be permitted to graduate High School without learning how to perform "Hang-on Sloopy". National signing day is a state holiday. There are only two dates known by these fans, the last time OSU beat Michigan, and the next time they will beat Michigan.

Many of these fans are able to break their affliction by going to college and learning more about the world they live in. Even OSU graduates seem to have more awareness of a greater world than a game that happens once a year in November. However, not everyone has that priviledge and their H.S. degree and Walmart OSU wardrobe help them get through the day.

Your friend sounds like a particularly tough case. Lived in heart of OSU country until age of 18. Born around late 1980's (you mentioned he's about 26 year's old), he's lived through a very, very dark age for Ohio professional sports. The Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore when he was 9 or 10. The Cincinnati Bengals only made the playoffs in 1990 when he was a couple years old, then never again until he departed Ohio. The Cleveland Indians had some playoff appearances when he was 8-10 years old, but often lost gloriously (see Marlins 1997), then faded into mediocrity in his teen years. He wouldn't remember the Cincinnati Reds 1990 World Series, and they only made one other playoff appearance in his years as an Ohioan. His life revolves around the one "winner" in his life, the OSU Buckeyes. To be associated with any other sports organization in Ohio is to be perceived as a loser and something he cannot accept.

Buy him a beer the next time you see him and try to cheer him up by asking him about the 1992 game versus Michigan in which a tie became "one of OSU's greatest wins ever".

Man, this is one hell of a post mainly because you've described him practically to a T. When I first met him, I asked him if he liked the Indians, Browns, etc. and he said not really because they always lost. His favorite pro team was the Dallas Cowboys(not so much now since it's not 1994 anymore). He's still pretty bitter about the LeBron to Miami thing, but he very casually likes the Cavs. He's more of a "Lakers" fan and by that I mean he's an extremely casual Lakers fan; actually kind of insecure about it. I remember my other buddy that lives with us made fun of him; called him a fake Lakers fan since he can only name like 3 guys on the team and isn't from LA and he went off for like 10 minutes. It was pretty ****ing hysterical.

Also, my friends and I always make fun of how obsessed he is with the Buckeyes. But to add on to your point in your post, he did leave Ohio at 18 to join the Army and now goes to school here in Long Beach. I don't know, maybe if he had stayed in Ohio, things would be different or maybe things would be worse.

p.s. Back to that Skyline Chili place. What is with those massive plates of, is it fries or pasta that is just buried in shredded cheese? Whatever it is, my mind was blown when I first saw the commercial watching the game last night.

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