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12-29-2003, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by nordique
Marleau is probably San Jose's most valuable asset. Considering the Sedins "talent" hasn't amounted to a whole lot in the NHL, I think you're wildly overestimating their trade value.

San Jose laughs at this and moves on.
How have the Sedins "talent" not amounted to a whole lot in the NHL? They are already two of the best players in the NHL in keeping & controlling the puck in the opposition's end of the rink. They may not score as much as many fans would like, but few teams score on them or actually get to even touch the puck when they are on the ice. Their puck control & cycling is a major factor why the Canuck defensemen can move up into the play & contribute to the team's overall scoring. Few teams in the league would not be enthusiastic to acquire the Sedins if they could. Vancouver is actually one of the few teams that can reasonably replace their skills because the team could feild a similar puck control/cycling line of Arvedson - Chubarov/Kesler - Linden/Cooke if they wanted to. My only reasoning of replacing the twins on the Canuck 2nd line is that we could make up a Arvedson - Chubarov - Linden line while using King & Cooke as Marleau's (or Morrison if Marleau was used with Naslund & Bertuzzi) wingers to add to our scoring & flip-flop those two lines as our #2 & #3 lines depending on the team we were playing.

I don't say this trade idea is likely, but it isn't unreasonable & I think could be tweaked to work if necessary to the benefit of both teams. Davison coming to the Canucks though, is a key ingrediate in making this trade work on a Canuck's view point. Without Davison's mean/stay at home defense being added, the Canucks give up too much defensive control in changing from a defensively aware #2 & #3 line to just one of those lines thinking defense first, offense second. The Canucks need to add a defensively minded defenseman as their defense is top heavy with offensively minded defensemen & defense prospects.

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