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Originally Posted by Traitor8 View Post
Price is already an elite goalie??? His biggest supporters would not dare say that.
I just did. Price is an elite goaltender in the NHL.

Price is 23rd in the league in save % and that's only taking goalies who have played 10 or more games. If you take goalie who played 9 or more games then he's 27th! That's not elite. You deal with it!
Look. If you want to use a small sample size, then sure, anyone can make Price's stats not look "elite". Why is 10 games your cut off? Why don't we base it on 30+ games? Shouldn't an elite goalie also be a starter? If you're such an elite goalie why would a team only have played you 9 or 10 games so far? When we cut it off at 30 games, Price is 9th out of 17 eligible netminders. Pretty good if you ask me, considering 5th is only .003 higher than Price.

Oh whats that? He has the 4th lowest GAA of goalies who have played 30 or more games? AND the 4th most wins? AND the 5th most shutouts? Sounds like he's in the top tier to me.

Price has a .906 save % in the playoffs ...again how is that elite?
Dude. Price is 25. Most goaltenders are not starters at his age. His most recent playoff performance his sv% was .934, showing us that he is likely improving. Throw in the fact that he has been a winner at every level and you should likely give him the benefit of the doubt.

Price has won 1 career playoff series? How is that elite?
Like I said. He's 25. Most goalies aren't starters before then. And he was playing in these playoff series when he was 23 or younger. How many goalies can you name that come into the NHL and have successful playoff runs at the same age? The number is so miniscule it isn't even worth mentioning. For every Patrick Roy and Ken Dryden there are a million who don't do anything of note in their first few years in the league.

Price has no nominations for a Vezina? How is that elite?
There are approximately 60 goaltenders in the NHL at any given point in time. Price consistently (read: season to season) performs above average in almost all statistical categories.

Has he had a top 3 season yet? No. That doesn't make him not elite. There are probably around 55 other goaltenders who are in that boat, and Price is likely better than almost every single one of them.

Price has not won any award in the NHL other than the useless Molson Cup. How is that elite?
Really? Henrik Lundqvist had no NHL awards when he was 25 either. Brodeur didn't win his first Vezina until he was 31! Hasek was 28. Kiprusoff was 29. Ryan Miller was 29. Just so you know, you can be an elite goaltender and not have any hardware to show for it.

Price has stolen 1 game this year against NJD, I expect more from a 6.5 M $, 10% of our cap (next year) goalie/
This is obviously where we differ. I ignore a players cap hit when making my evaluation of him. It's not Price's fault that they gave him the big deal. Would you turn it down? It simply makes no sense to use that as the basis for my evaluation, because some players have a greater value than either their cap hit or their play on the ice would dictate.

That being said, Price does have a high cap hit, and he should indeed play like it. Which I think he does. I expect an elite goalie to give exactly what Price provides: an above average chance to win every single game he starts. That is elite to me. You might say he should have a higher save percentage or more awards to be considered elite, but I could care less about his personal stats and accolades, the team wins are most important.

There are very, very few goalies who have the consistent presence and stability that Price has in net, which results in a great chance of winning every single game he starts. How is that not elite?

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