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04-13-2013, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
Unless you believe the #5 pick can move right into the NHL the next year and make a big impact then it's not enough for Staal. And it's not necessarily a case of who is the best player now? or who will be the best player 5 years down the road? Do the Rangers want to make another real run (or even multiple runs) at a SC within the next 5 years? is the real question. Lateral moves that won't increase our chances or moves like Staal for a pick who will need years of development are not likely to increase those chances. Instead of chasing games then we'll be chasing seasons.

Anyway to me that's why Carolina would have to add to the 1st--not us add more than Staal for it.
I respectfully disagree with you.
If we get good/great picks, and generally we should since we have a guru in Gordie Clark, then we should acknowledge the fact that building assets thru the draft will keep us strong and contending unless/until and appreciable core of key guys succumbs to injury/age. Drafting and developing is our best chance to extend that core with replacements.

Right now, we are still catching up. Recently, it feels like we've added just one guy/yr; Hagelin, and I would say Miller could be here. Kreider should be, given what he did in last year's playoffs, except for Torts, but that is a whole separate argument for another thread. And McIlrath needs more time/had a knee injury. Next year, we should fully realize Miller, probably have Kreider, and at some point, probably later, McIlrath gets at least cup of coffee here. But adding to these 2, which we don't feel here yet, could well be Fast(h) and esp. Lindberg, since we picture him as a bottom 6 C.

We have a few other guys who are maybes in the pipeline, but let's not jump the gun on them. So we really can use picks, especially higher picks, given we made a reasonable short term bet on Clowe.

But my key point here is, no, unless special circumstances restrict options otherwise, you always go for the strategy which yields the most/best assets, especially long term Neglecting draft possibilities to bet the farm and go for now is too much high risk.

You CUMULATIVELY build with more draft picks = more total/better talent = best chance to win.

Our course said picks are supplemented with smart trades. But the above pick strategy = best chance to have enough assets to play at dominate level, and still yield more assets for good trades.

Rejecting a good enough pick is not a good move.

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