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04-13-2013, 02:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Philly85 View Post
PRV and Eberle are butter soft. I think we see this year, in a shortened season no less where a guy like Eberle in particular should flourish, good teams have figured this short dangling perimeter sniper out. Be hard on the guy, gap control, taking away time and space... not to mention unsustainable shooting % (which we all laughed about but was a reality), and the fact he's having a bad season, doesn't go to the tough areas... I love Eberle but this kid should be prime trade bait. The only thing that sucks about him is his contract. Another stupid deal by Tambellini that will hurt his value.

Anyways, if this team ever want to be competitive, Gagner PRV and Ebs all have to go.
Ridiculous post.
He's having a down year in a shortened season and all of a sudden the league has him figured out, the ever so ridiculous unsustained argument gets brought up and he is now prime trade bait? Oh and his contract is stupid?
Just a ridiculous post.

I wonder what would have happened if the Blackhawks gave up on Patrick Kane in the offseason because he had one down season last year.
Really good young players hit rough patches every now and then and this is Eberle's rough patch. Watch him bounce back next season and shut down all this nonsensical trade Eberle mumob jumbo.

The Oilers don't NEED to trade Eberle. If they want to add size and toughness to their top 6, they trade Gagner because he has value and trade Hemsky and Paajarvi to create space for those players. There is absolutely no need right now to trade one of the Big 4 NONE.

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