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12-29-2003, 10:23 AM
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Too late...

Originally Posted by JimEIV
Why do soooooooo many people want to ruin the NHL by turning it into International Hockey?????

Keep the Olympic game in Europe and leave my NHL alone!
I hate to say it, but the NHL has done a pretty good job of ruining the game all on their own.

I'm a HUGE hockey fan, but it's tough to enjoy the game now. Little or no flow, and very limited quality scoring chances. I enjoy a 0-0 game if there are plenty of scoring chances and great goaltending. But now most games seem to be based around not making a mistake. Defenseman bang it off the glass at the first sign of pressure, and almost the whole game is played slogging through the neutral zone with guys waterskiing behind their opponents.

I'm not certain what the revenue impact would be of losing the additional seating, but something needs to done, or the NHL is in for some serious trouble long term.

And Van, just trying to make a point about the Devils or the Wild. I live in Chicago, and don't have season tickets because I'd be forced into buying tickets to watch the Wild and the Preds (no offense meant to fans of either team). Boring hockey is bad for the sport. It might be great for Lemaire's job security (and he coaches that way to keep his job), but it sucks for the sport as a whole. Most people love hockey for the speed and the skill - that's what seperates it from other sports IMO, and when that goes, so does the NHL.

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