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04-13-2013, 04:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Philly85 View Post
I will literally Paypal you $100.00 if Eberle hits 70 points next season or is in any way a hugely impactful straw that stirs the drink kind of player like he appeared to be in the previous one. How many of the same player do you want on this team going forward.

Rec28 was bang on with his posts and analysis (don't know if it was this or another thread). They've got some higher end players now - stars and gamebreakers, guys who have value but the mix of the team is preposterously off. Terrible balance. It's plain as day, anyone who has half a brain and watches a lot of hockey can tell something is wrong with the make up and balance of this team, it's not just terrible management. They finally have some pieces that could net them some good to great returns, pieces they actually need.

Not every team NEEDS 4 or 5 star to superstar level players. Tough decisions need to be made, bottom line. And please spare the comparison to Patrick Kane. Kane was a first overall pick who has always had elite skill and skating who is an all around threat, he also came into the league with one of the best 2way centres in the game in Toews, situations aren't remotely similar.
Yes, i'm aware that the team needs balance in the top 6 badly but i don't get why Eberle is all of a sudden the sacrificial lamb? Based on what you say about him, he shouldn't have much value anyway since apparently last season was a fluke.

The only reason why you and some others want him to be traded is because it's typical HFOil reactionary stuff when a player starts struggling for a period. Hall was the guy to deal earlier in the season, Yakupov before he started playing better. Hell, even RNH as ridiculous as that sounds.
There was no talk of Eberle being dealt last season because he was doing well but the second a player starts to struggle, he immediately becomes expendable. So typical of this place.
I'm aware that he has struggled this season and yes, he has been disappointing with his effort but you don't deal a young player this good just because he has struggled for the first time in his career.

As i said before, i get that the team needs a facelift and needs more toughness but you don't deal a player like Eberle so early in his development to do that. Gagner (who i'm sure has value), Hemsky and even Paajarvi should be the trade targets. Trading Eberle now would be foolish. We're not getting a #1 defenseman for him so what's the point?
Also, who replaces Eberle? Hemsky? Excuse me while i barf at that thought.

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