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04-13-2013, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
Say what you will about the Leafs, we have to acknowledge the great tradition of their franchise...

(I have way too much time on my hands)
Not sure if anyone's taken a peak at this gem yet:

puts the pic above in hilarious context.

People have been saying they don't mind the leafs, that it's really only the bruins fans or even flyers too, but you have all forgotten what it's like when these morons rise under from the shroud of ignominy and ACTUALLY have a competitive team. There is not a more annoying fanbase than these bruin-wannabe (says enough), "history doesn't matter, except for our much more ancient one", making the playoffs makes us the President Trophy winners, **********. They think we're smug, when it's anything but. People say it's the same on both sides. It's not. Just like we're not like the bruins majority.

Ever since the last Cup, all we've been trying to do is win another, not JUST make the playoffs. After the dark years, it felt good to make it, even come first, but we all knew it was Cup or bust. Not with these jokers. So annoying, and I have to deal with their conspiracy nonsense daily.

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