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04-13-2013, 04:45 PM
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Assumptions everywhere. Rat, whistleblower, affiliated with team, player that received benefit, other jealous player passed over, whatever.
It's all speculation on all sides and I'm guessing it'll remain that way as I'm ASSUMING a confidentiality agreement was agreed to by all parties but could be wrong.
At the end of the day the one group Spits fans should be most pissed at is the staff. The made the dealings, got caught, denied it vehemently and than just walked away. Without there decisions and actions after wed either have not gone thru this, or know what happened.
Worrying bout the rat, his/her intentions or motivations really don't matter.
I like whistleblower protection!
I assume it was someone the ever personable and always like able Mr Rychel pissed off. ( Insert sacasm icon) I know a few parents of kids that have dealt with him and the feedback is consistent, albeit small sample and only from kids not in the O- jackass

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