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Originally Posted by NashisCash View Post
Maybe they aren't prospects, but I recently drafted A TON of Russians in my dynasty league draft. It was nearing the end of the draft so I figured why not take a good Russian player who may come over rather than a North American scrub destined for the m inors

What is the likelihood that the following players will ever play in the NHL?

-Maxim Sushinksy
-Dmitry Bykov
-Vitaly Atyushov
-Anton But
-Alexander Korloyuk
-Sergei Zinovjev

If anyone can tell me whether any of those guys are likely to come over in the next few seasons or if they are just picks destined for the scrap heap, it would be greatly appreciated.
Sushinsky - He missed his chance. This season would have been the logical time for him to cross the pond if ever. He was a free agent and almost ended up in North America, at one point being almost certain that he would play in the NHL. There remains a possibility that he will try his luck in the NHL next year, but at 33 not being the fastest of players as it was, he has maybe one year of NHL caliber hockey left in him.

Bykov - Given his past tenure in North America, he would be willing to give it another go almost certainly. Yet like the reason Detroit didn't resign him after his solid season with them - he wants a respectable amount of money. If an NHL team is willing to pay him, he will play in the NHL.

Atyushov - He is very comfortable where he is now, yet has shown a tendancy to switch clubs for more money in the past. As with Bykov, I assume if an NHL team is willing to shell out the maximum he is entitled to (is the rookie max universal or does it not apply after a certain age?), he will be in North America. I have a feeling he may sign after this upcoming season.

But - There were unsubstantiated rumours that he would sign with Tampa this offseason, but they were a load of crap. He has shown willingness to participate in training camp before, indicating that he is interested in playing in North America. Unfortunetly, But would be a marginal 2nd line player or so - so crossing the pond might not be in his best interest unless he shows some improvement. Considering his decent size, he could play a bottom two line role, but would probably not be happy with such.

Korolyuk - Will almost certainly play another season or two in the NHL. The problem is that he has to honour a contract with San Jose if he wants to play in the NHL, a contract that Korolyuk does not like. He will most likely suck it up and play for San Jose the 2007-2008 season.

Zinovjev - Has been to North American camp numerous times, has shown a tendancy to abandom teams at will for very slight increases in pay. Would have hopped on a plane to Boston long ago, if not for the Bruins being stingy after he fled back to Russia when he got sent down to the AHL during his first tenure. Since the Bruins lose his rights very shortly - he will probably be signed.

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