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04-13-2013, 05:17 PM
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Originally Posted by pete goegan View Post
I always see the wave as an insult to whatever sport it appears in - cheering for the action is not enough, they have to become the action. But then, I'm worse than DSL, I dislike almost all forms of organized fan participation. I don't run things, though, so I just put up with all the many things that annoy me. My poor wife has to hear me grumble, but she already knows I'm an old poop.
I'm with you-if the team plays well, fans will cheer without help. Don't need organized. Banging on the glass when the team scores is just another way for an individual to cheer. Banging incessantly during play is just plain distracting and a form of "look at me." But, like you say, we're not in charge, so we just move on. The cheering in my basement last night was exceptionally loud, and I was watching by myself. Let's hope for a repeat tonight!

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