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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
Yeah, I've seen all those navel-gazing threads on our boards. I agree most are ridiculous. Not surprising when you live in an environment of non-stop 24/7 hockey coverage -- the relative importance of a hockey team will inevitably get blown wayyyyy out of proportion. I'll still maintain that our hockey vibe is historically less violent and ugly than Boston's or recently in Toronto. We haven't stooped to that level for the most part and see no evidence that we would start.

And that annoying, whiny navel-gazing happens in every big market. Boston's board is as bad as ours. Check it out for yourself.

As for that "Coming in peace" cliche when a fan visits another board, everyone seems to do it. It's silly but harmless. I'm too old for that nonsense, but I understand that many people find it awkward to go onto another team's board.

To be honest, dude, your argument sounds very much like a personal issue you're having with some specific people in here. Not saying you're right or wrong, just that it may not have anything to do with 'Habs fans' in general. I enjoy reading your stuff and hope you work this stuff out.
I don't have anything personal against anyone here, I just find that we prop ourselves as a fanbase way too high. Talking about class and how some players don't deserve to wear the jersey (Ribeiro that gutless puke! Lapierre that classless loser! etc) as if the Habs fanbase is the arbitrator of all that is right and wrong.

It's irritating to see such myopic personalities and opinions shot back and forth in this echo chamber. Looking at is from an outside point of view, as if a neutral were lurking in this thread (like I lurk the Bruins and Leafs sometimes to get a laugh) we'd come across as extremely whiney, bitter and insecure. 25+ posts about Chris Lee being the ref for tonight's game... three hours before the game even starts? Really?

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