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04-13-2013, 06:31 PM
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Originally Posted by XX View Post
There are terms, conditions and policies that all ticketholders agree to when they make their purchase.
Hence why I said what I said.

It's also a private enterprise operating out of a private facility. There's no conspiracy here, just common sense. The Dbacks would be within their rights to simply kick them out and grant a refund, as they should be.
It's a private enterprise operating out of a building owned by Maricopa County. Even thought the team is in their rights to do it there is an old saying; Just because one has the right to do or say thing in the world that doesn't mean he/she should always say or do it. Just because it's legal to say or do something, doesn't mean that one chooses to do with their rights is moral. Still, this is something I would like to see challenged in the courts and hopefully a judge will set a presadent here saying an establishment can't do such a thing if someone paid for admission into the place.

The same laws that let operators throw people out or bar entry for offensive, obscene, racist etc... t-shirts, signs etc... is the same catch-all that lets the Dbacks do this sort of thing. There's absolutely nothing wrong with asking someone to kindly move if they are disruptive to the people around them or the environment.
I have no problem with such a thing and the truth is wearing the opposing teams jersey is not offensive or causing trouble.

In this case, the club was protecting its image on TV by not having opposing fans in the camera view 24/7 directly behind the plate. Kendrick compensated them and offered up another suite.
Glad to see that nothing major came of this but still the team is going to take a negaive image hit by this if they don't make the right change to their policy in a market filled with mostly transplants.

Also, if it's about protcting their image wouldn't it make sense as far as consistancy goes to at least ban anyone from wearing the opposing teams jersey no matter where they sit? Especially in a market like there where it is known at times to have the visiting fans outnumber the fans of the home team? At times where the visiting fans often cheer for their team louder than those of the home team?

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