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08-30-2006, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by ohlfanos View Post
the CHL has ruled, and Owen Sound is the winner!!!
I wouldn't call OS the winner, I would say they break the rules and got away with it.

Here is the press release.


The Western Hockey League advised the Spokane Chiefs today that the Canadian Hockey League has ruled that player Trevor Lewis will be permitted to join the Ontario Hockey League Owen Sound Attack for the 2006-07 season.

The player’s eligibility had been under review since it was announced in mid July that Trevor Lewis had signed with Owen Sound. Lewis is a resident of Utah, a WHL U.S. protected territory under CHL Regulations, and signed with Owen Sound without receiving the approval of the WHL.

The CHL will be sanctioning the OHL for not obtaining approval from the WHL to have the player transferred to OHL territory for the upcoming 2006-07 season. The matter will continue to be reviewed as the CHL works toward the adoption of a national regulation to govern the movement of players from territory to territory.

Chiefs General Manager Tim Speltz said, “I am very disappointed with Dave Branch’s decision. I feel as President of the CHL he was not objective with this decision and the rules regarding CHL Territories. The OHL was not forthright with the process regarding request for player transfers.”
So basically the CHL acknowledged that OS broke the rules, but have given Lewis to the OHL anyway.

OS will more than likely have to pay a fine, but if your OS who cares, you got the player which is what you really wanted all along, who cares about a fine.

Looks pretty shadey to me.

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